Welcome to the highlight of your trip...

Privacy, warmth, tradition, nature, peace, adventure and entertainment live in harmony with nature in 3000 hectares of this fabulous land. This ranch, which has belonged to the Palma family for more than 200 years, opens to fulfill the most demanding visitor's needs. Rancho 'e Cuero owners offer each guest an exclusive and unsurpassed level of customized service and personalized attention. The Palma family hosts each guest making them live unforgettable moments.

The magic of the landscape together with a strong need to share this unique experience moved the Palma's to fulfill a desired dream to build two comfortable lodges where the art of hospitality is fully honored in the heart of The Andes in Mendoza. Apart from the exceptional accommodation and gastronomy, at Rancho 'e Cuero you can also enjoy plenty of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, trekking, fly fishing and 4x4 excursions. Rancho 'e Cuero is home to a fascinating and diverse number of flora and fauna species. Red Deer, Guanacos, Condors, foxes, hares and an amazing variety of birds are permanent residents in this ranch.


Lodges at Rancho 'e Cuero are lovingly decorated and have a privileged view over the outstanding mountain range.
Comfortable rooms will provide you a good night’s rest after a day packed with outdoor activities.

Food and Wine

Best meat cuts, fresh vegetables, homemade pastas and fine wines from Mendoza are carefully picked to prepare old family recipes, and delicious local and international dishes.
Our guests always complement us on our cuisine saying: “The food at Rancho ´e Cuero is certainly the best one in our trip through Argentina!”

Outdoor Activities

We offer a wide range of activities to suit all tastes and age groups. These include horseback riding, trekking, photographic safaris, 4WD excursions and fishing in streams. All of them carried out within the farm so as to avoid uncomfortable transfers.
For details or special excursions check on ACTIVITIES.


Guanacos, condors, pumas, hares, foxes, red stag, wild boars, and an enormous variety of autochthonous birds coexist in harmony at Estancia Rancho ‘e Cuero, a natural private paradise with pure crystalline water creeks originated by the melting of the “Nivero del Plata Glacier”.

Nature and Privacy

3000 hectares of private and natural grounds guarantee total privacy, security and tranquility for those visiting us.